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Mental Wellness, Inc.

Clarity. Curiosity. Connection.

Healing the planet and its people one revitalized mind at a time.

Our Mission

A human enterprise championing a sustainable planet through mental wellness.

Sustainable Mental Wellness, Inc.’s purpose is to heal the planet and its people one revitalized mind at a time.

We partner with educational and corporate leaders to bridge the gap between sustainable living and mental wellness. Through our curated connection sessions, we revitalize participants with a renewed sense of commitment to themselves and to their community.

With openness, easygoing humor, and psychological expertise, we infuse global sustainability initiatives and Eastern and Western philosophies within palatable and practical tools that promote mental wellness.
A drop turns into a ripple, which grows into a wave.

Infusing the science of sustainability with the science of what makes life worth living.

Our roots started in educating others about mental wellness and a sustainable mindset with hopes of preventing unnecessary traumas and trials. We offer compelling workshops that illuminate the reciprocal link between mental wellness and sustainability. We champion a culture of clarity and community for individuals and teams through our global thinking with a homegrown approach. By emphasizing prevention and education around mental wellness and the human, social, economic and environmental facets of sustainability, we can connect the individual to the community to the world and back.
We offer services in English and Spanish.
Ofrecemos servícios en inglés y español.

For Schools

For Businesses

For Helpers & Healers

For Community Organizations

We offer revitalizing professional development workshops for educators, curated for specific teams or for all district staff.

Popular workshops:

  • Developing a Trauma-Sensitive School
  • Positive Psychology in Schools: Virtue and Character Strength Interventions
  • Trauma-Informed Restorative Circles
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For you, we focus on the triple bottom line. For your people, we promote practical and palatable tools for mental wellness.

Popular workshops:

  • Sustainable Mental Wellness: The Triple Bottom Line to Success
  • The Green-Mind Workplace: Strategies for Employee Satisfaction & Retention
  • Conflict Resolution with Positive Communication
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You’re caring for everyone else’s “go.” Let’s care for your own flow.

Popular workshops:

  • Finding Your Flow: Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout
  • Mental Health in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Best Practices
  • Cultivating a Sustainability Mindset
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Providing workshops for parents, special interest groups, and community entities is paramount to sparking the flame for positive change.

Popular workshops:

  • Supporting Children from Cradle to Career (Career Readiness)
  • Mental Health Therapy and Counseling 101: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers
  • The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning on Academic Success
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Growing a greener mind today for a greener world tomorrow.

Bringing you psychology-based strategies to harness your highest self.

At Sustainable Mental Wellness, Inc., we recognize everyone is on a personal path to wellness. We are here to support you on your journey to greater happiness, success, peace, or just the next steps. Along the way, we never lose sight of healing the planet in our daily lives. We infuse the science of sustainability with the science of what makes life worth living, to help you harness the best version of yourself.

Career Coaching

Life Coaching

Restorative Retreats

Reiki Healing

Whether jumping back into the workforce after caregiving, debating a sabbatical, transitioning from school to career, or changing industries completely, we’re ready to identify your strengths in order to cultivate passions that fit your purpose.  All career paths are welcome, although we do take care of helping and healing professionals.

Popular services:

  • Career Consultation (1-time check in with specific questions)
  • Career Coaching (6-12 sessions)
  • Career Development (ongoing for past clients, as needed)
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You may find yourself at a crossroads asking how to fulfill your purpose and stay excited both personally and professionally. Our coaching services cooperatively cultivate a psychology-based personal and professional growth plan by equipping you with the tools to thrive, providing validation, sense of relief, and a feeling of control over your life.

Popular services:

  • Life Consultation (1-time check in with specific questions)
  • Life Coaching (6-12 sessions)
  • Life-Long Development (ongoing for past clients, as needed)
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Restorative practices study how to strengthen relationships between individuals and social connections within communities. Whether seeking community building tools or a rejuvenating release, our curated events can support your next steps to wellness.

Popular services:

  • Mediation Services (1 or more, as needed)
  • Restorative Circle Facilitation (single event or series)
  • Conflict Resolution Sessions (1 or more, as needed)
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Reiki is an energy healing technique that supports stress reduction and relaxation through gentle touch. Reiki can promote natural self-healing by stimulating the body’s immune system, promote a meditative state create feelings of peace and wellness. You can find flow amidst the many hats you wear.

Stay tuned for service updates!

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Fill your own cup by finding your own flow.

Equipping you with the tools to thrive.

School-Based Mental Health Roundtable

What started out as a meeting to link mental health resources for youth and staff in schools blossomed into a half-day, interactive professional development program for education and mental health professionals in Illinois and beyond. With roots in serving the whole child by bringing together schools, community organizations and families, the School-Based Mental Health Roundtable aims to both enrich the social emotional learning of and promote academic success of students. By embracing the cooperative nature of school-based mental health services, we can ensure today’s youth have the skills needed to operate in tomorrow’s world.
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Cultivating ecosystems of clarity and community.

Your link between sustainable living and mental wellness.

We are a humanity enterprise that champions a sustainable planet through mental wellness. With adaptable, practical, and palatable tools rooted in psychology and global sustainability initiatives, Sustainable Mental Wellness, Inc. nurtures personal growth, flow, and fulfillment for your people. Our belief is that by infusing the science of sustainability with the science of what makes life worth living, anyone can harness the best version of themselves.

Meet your Chief Growth Facilitator, Amanda.

My interest in the global community first sparked when my aunt mailed me gifts from her travels in Asia. Between studying Spanish language, Latine culture, and world music, I traveled and performed music throughout Europe and South America, synthesizing the unique cultures from each country I stepped foot in. Back in the U.S. as an English- Spanish interpreter I saw firsthand the barriers some immigrants and citizens faced simply due to language. My work in HR staffing exposed me to the negative cycles faced when local residents were underemployed. As a mental health provider, I was confronted with the inequities underserved populations faced regarding economic resources, education, and access to healthcare, which directly impacted their mental health. These experiences cultivated my calling to challenge inequities and lead others in global thinking with a homegrown approach by renewing a commitment to themselves and their community.
Meet with Amanda




With over 15 years of public speaking, workshop facilitation, and clinical psychotherapy experience in English and Spanish, Amanda has made it a mission to go beyond the therapy chair and focus on mental wellness through a prevention, education and culturally inclusive lens.

Her specialized background across industries from employment placement to international travel to behavioral healthcare and business development in hospital, community, and school settings endows her with a unique perspective of wellness and sustainability in the modern age.

Amanda is driven to link the unique nature and nuances of Earth’s inhabitants with positive interventions and social prescriptions for maximum flow.  With the CLARITY that all living things deserve respect and resources and the CURIOSITY to harness the best renewable resources for your mind and for the planet, she aims to spark CONNECTION and respect among and between groups.

  • Master of Arts in Community Counseling and Specialization in Latine Mental Health from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
    • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Study Abroad
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Minor in Music from Saint Norbert College
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Study Abroad
  • Blue Lake Jazz Camp, International Music Ambassador
  • Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreting 40-Hour Training and Certification
  • Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation, Leadership Lab Fellow
  • Reiki Practitioner (Reiki I, II, III Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training course) Reiki (Usui System of Natural Healing)

At Sustainable Mental Wellness, Inc. we are inspired by the United Nations’ recognition that both people and the planet can flourish when they are healthy.  Our commitment is to be inclusive, accepting of all cultures, all citizens and all creatures, while striving to be mindful of and attempt to incorporate sustainable practices in all that we do.  In order to help the people and the planet thrive, we also support causes that preserve water, soil, food and prevention of mental health issues.  

How will you start your homegrown approach to building renewable resources for the mind and for the planet?

For your passion. For your people. For the planet.
  • “Amanda Norris is an engaging presenter whose main focus is meeting the needs of the stakeholders she presents to. Her focus is on educating the whole person, while engaging in their own mental health growth. She brings an engaging and thought-provoking mindset to all of her presentations and workshops. Participants leave Amanda’s professional development sessions enlightened and wanting more.”
    - Dr. Jack Rein, Director of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Cicero School District 99
  • “In all my interactions with Amanda, I have never ceased to be impressed with her high level of professionalism and ability to immediately instill confidence in her abilities, while simultaneously consistently maintaining an aura of approachability…I also had the privilege of co-presenting with her on several parent trainings. Amanda is a natural presenter – articulate, confident, and skilled at relaying information in a way that is understandable and relatable to her audience.”
    - Jodie Segal, MSW, Director of SOS Programming, Elyssa’s Mission
  • “Amanda carried herself in an extremely professional and courteous manner, which helped the event to run smoothly. She was able to clearly and succinctly convey her intended message, as well as keep the audience engaged for the full duration of her presentation. I can confidently say that Amanda positively contributed to Valparaiso University's Mental Health Awareness Week. Overall, I am highly satisfied with how the presentation went and would not hesitate to reach out to Amanda again in the future.”
    Sam Denaer, Interfraternity Council, Valparaiso University

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Sustainable Mental Wellness, Inc. helps educational and corporate leaders focus on their people, planet, and prosperity. We do this by providing practical, palatable, and sustainable strategies for mental wellness that help their people cultivate personal growth and community. By illuminating the reciprocal link between the individual and their environment, we focus on achieving sustainability on individual, interpersonal, local, and global scales.
Healing the planet and its people one revitalized mind at a time.
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